What do I take to Nursery?

When your child starts coming to Lighthouse, you may be surprised by how much you need to pack for them.
The sort of thing your child needs to take with them depends on their age. The following checklist offers you a general guide as to what you should consider including in your child’s bag:

Feeding equipment

If they are formula/breast-fed, pack sterilised bottles and their measured formula. You will need to pack enough expressed breastmilk or formula milk for the day.


Your child will need a few changes of clothes labelled with their name in case they have toilet accident or get mucky. We have access to our wonderful gardens all day, every day playing outdoors, make sure they have suitable shoes and a coat if it’s cold. If the weather’s hot, pack a sun hat or buy a Nursery legionaries hat.

Nappies and wipes

Pack enough for the day, plus spares just to be sure. If your child’s in full-time childcare, ask if you can leave a large stock of nappies and wipes at the nursery.


We do provide sun cream here at Lighthouse, we use factor 50, skin sensitive Ambre Solaire, but if you wish to provide your child’s sunscreen please do as on sunny days, especially during the summer months, we use our wonderful garden well. P.S, Make sure you apply some before coming to Nursery.

Comfort Items

If your child has a favourite teddy or toy, or a comfort blanket, they may like it with them at Nursery. If you can, buy two the same and leave one with us even better.

Suitable Footwear

Often forgotten but a most important item. Why not pack a pair of slippers to leave at Nursery. You need garden footwear as well wellies or crocs are good and a good pair of flat footwear as exploring is fun and hard work. Try and save flip-flops or strappy shoes for when they’re home with you.

We hope this helps.

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