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At Lighthouse Nursery, we take great care in developing unique and empowering children’s education programs and environments. As a dedicated Portishead day nursery, our unique environment encourages empowerment, growth and creativity. Our children’s education approach helps children develop relationships and interact positively with the world around them.

A day nursery with freedom to explore

Environments are very important in a child’s early years and are referred to at Lighthouse Nursery as the ‘third educator’ thanks to Loris Malaguzzi, a prominent Italian Early Years Educator and Philosopher. Malaguzzi recognises the ‘first educator’ as the parent and the ‘second educator’ as the nursery/pre-school in terms of importance.

At Lighthouse Nursery in Portishead, we have spent a considerable amount of time making sure our day nursery environments support and provide high quality experiences that allow your child’s individual needs and preferences to be met throughout each day. For example, our environments feature furniture that is ergonomically designed to support the growing bodies of our youngest children. This furniture ensures that children are sat properly for their age and that their spines are supported for proper growth and development. Our spaces are also designed to allow independence at an early age, which in turn promotes confidence and self-esteem.

All our day nursery environments are decorated with neutral colours to promote a calming environment for the children. This provides a stronger learning environment that is not over-stimulating or distracting.

We have created an inspiring home away from home space for children to explore, discover and investigate to stimulate and encourage curious minds. We recognise that no two children are the same and always work to facilitate individual requirements and preferences.

Our beautiful day nursery offers a calming but stimulating environment; a place for children to explore, learn and develop.

The Piazza

The Piazza is a central meeting place where staff and children come together to share thoughts and ideas. The Piazza promotes communication and language while also having smaller hidden spaces where children can plan their next adventure. A snug area gives a peaceful retreat for quiet moments to relax, read and get comfortable on the cosy cushions and blankets.

The Atelier

The Atelier is an area that really lets the imagination flow. Situated in a glass building with beautiful views of the nursery, this is the place where real creative work happens. There is space for painting, cutting out and creating, designated areas for clay and messy exploration and prominent displays of beautiful art for everyone to see and appreciate. The Atelier empowers children to experiment and investigate with everything from paint and collage to natural and recycled materials, all while being inspired by the work of recognised artists.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is the centre of every family home, and ours is no different. Reggio Emilia stresses the importance of children engaging with food, cooking and nutrition – so that’s exactly what happens at Lighthouse Nursery. A viewing hatch allows children to observe their food being prepared. They have their own child-sized fully operational kitchen next to the real one where they can prepare their own snacks, bake their own cakes and generally get involved in understanding about food and healthy eating practices.

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is a room to play, explore and sink into our imagination. Our inside Courtyard has wonderful views of the Bristol Channel and the ships that go past as well as a fairy castle to hide in, climb and explore. Add to the mix props to help enact stories and memories, sand and water on a large, indoor scale and ride-on imaginative toys and you have a space that will enthral and enhance the imagination of even the youngest child. 

The Nest

A place where our under two-year-olds can be nurtured and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the nursery. We have interesting and reflective resources especially for our youngest children including treasure baskets, heuristic play, lights, mirrors and more. Our little ones can curl up on one of the specially-designed sleep pods, relax on the comfortable sofas or choose to mirror what they have seen their older peers are up to.

The Gardens

We view our gardens as classrooms without walls; just as important as the rooms outside. Here, our children plant, grow and harvest their own vegetables and dance, run and be whoever their imagination wants them to be.

Beach school

Our coastline is a wonderful, natural learning resource only a stone’s throw away from our front door and acts as an extension to our learning environment. The nursery is right next to the Severn Beach, with a multitude of activities that excite and inspire the children. They can naturally get involved with making mud pies and sandcastles, throwing stones as far as they can, running free and so much more.

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