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At Lighthouse Nursery in Portishead, we’re dedicated to providing each and every child with the care and opportunities required to grow and develop into unique and confident individuals. As a child daycare provider utilising the Reggio Emilia and family group approach, our nursery staff are particularly attentive to your child’s wellbeing. We’re an innovative Portishead centre excited to welcome all children and families into our nurturing community.

Our nursery staff

As you would expect, the way we staff to support our Reggio Emilia and family group approach is different to most child daycare providers. For example, the leader of the nursery is our Direttore Vivaio who is trained in education and art, supporting nursery staff in developing our curriculum. All other staff are educators and their role is to help children develop their own interests and activities. In our nursery the child is the centre of and the inspiration for everything that happens each day.

In Reggio Emilia an essential part of the shared pedagogical approach is to promote the autonomy of staff. There is no hierarchy among adults; no one individual has more or less responsibility than another. Each has a commitment to their active responsibility – for teaching and learning. Staff don’t only debate and discuss nursery matters, they decide everything together.

For such a way of working to be effective, staff have to be highly motivated and trained. Our Portishead nursery staff are all qualified, with over half qualified to Level 6 (or degree level). It is our intention to maintain and better this ratio as we move forward.

Supporting our staff are a number of students at the early stage of their careers, currently training in our way of working. The ability to observe, record and share is the main specialism that students are asked to bring to the Reggio Emilia approach. Students are young and eager to learn, and they are inducted into a high-quality workplace where the prevailing attitude is that anything is possible. This is a research-based, action-learning approach. Observation skills are of fundamental importance to the whole provision.

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