Meal times at Lighthouse ????

Food-Hygiene-Rating at Lighthouse is a 5. All food and drink are included in the nursery fees and we offer the following (depending on the sessions your child attends):

Breakfast: Served between 730-8.45 and includes cereal and/or porridge. At Lighthouse we believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so along with cereal and/or porridge, we also offer a variety of fruit and yoghurt, crumpets, waffles, pancakes or toast. There is always a good choice for breakfast ????

Snack: Is available throughout the day. Children are supported throughout the day to make healthy choice and eat heathy, they have access to healthy choices to make their own snack, A snack is just that, it’s to keep the children going until Lunchtime. Snack may include a drink of water or milk and a biscuit, cracker, toast or fruit or vegetables. In our children’s kitchen they listen to their bodies and are encouraged to feed themselves. ????

Lunch: Lunch at Lighthouse is a full cooked meal including pudding. All lunchtime food is freshly prepared in the morning ready to be served by midday. Home cooked roast, pasta, curries, chilli, etc are all made from scratch and like all the other meals on offer we use fresh ingredients as far as possible. Our meat is delivered daily from a local butcher and our groceries are delivered every Monday or Tuesday, All puddings are also freshly prepared, so cakes, custard, fruit puddings etc are also made in the morning. Water is always offered to drink at lunchtime, and children are encouraged to try new things in a safe nurturing environment. ????????

Tea: Lighthouse tea is served around It is a “High Tea” and as such is not intended to be the last meal of the day. Teatime is a very enjoyable time at nursery and it enables the children to rest and refuel for the last part of the day. Tea is predominantly a high carb. larger snack e.g. sandwiches, crumpets and always with fresh fruit or veg and a drink of either water or milk. Again the food is freshly prepared and cooked on site.????

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