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Collaborative and nutritious meal times at our Portishead nursery

Lighthouse Nursery is passionate about both intellectual and physical nourishment. Our professional educators understand that learning about healthy eating at a young age leads to healthy habits later in life. We make kids meal times at our Portishead nursery engaging, informative and social, allowing children to experience eating with others in a real-world family-style situation. At our Portishead nursery, children are actively involved in food preparation, meal serving, meal setup and clearing the table.

Our commitment to children’s nutrition

At Lighthouse Nursery in Portishead, we believe that healthy foods produce healthy, happy children. The quality of the food we serve has an essential part to play. Our professionals are committed to providing nutritious meals for your children, serving healthy, quality food to give your child the energy they need for play, learning and development.

Menus are carefully planned, running on a 10-week revolving schedule, with each daily menu displayed in the parents room in easy sight. In addition to a balanced lunch, our children also tuck into a good choice of breakfast. Healthy snacks are available in our children’s kitchen throughout the day and a nourishing high tea in the afternoon.

Kid’s meal times are a social occasion and an opportunity to learn more about child nutrition and dining with others. We promote the children’s independence through everyday life skills like laying the table. Having ownership over parts of their mealtime the children to get involved and learn the value of good eating. Children often sit in their family groups at the table (just as you would at home), serve up their own lunch and even help clear away their own plates. We promote good manners and food etiquette with each team member sitting to eat with the children, sharing stories and laughter, talking about the day and being a role model for good table manners.

Our unique take on healthy snacks allows children to safely prepare a range of healthy snacks and food when they feel hungry.

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