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Portishead’s family group nursing school

At Lighthouse Nursery, our Portishead team encourages and inspires children to explore, learn and grow. Adopting the innovative Reggio Emilia approach at our nursery school, the children are cared for in key families. Each key family is made up of a group of up to 12 children (well below the national guidelines) from across all age ranges and are cared for by two qualified and capable educators. For our Portishead team, nursery school and teaching children encompass academic, physical, emotional and social growth.

Teaching children in our family group system

Each family group has two key workers who stay with the child throughout their time at the nursery, whether it be months or years. They get to truly know the children in their care, promoting a strong, secure and genuine bond that enables a ‘professional love’ to develop between the child and their key person. Each child also has a familiar other – a buddy – so if there’s a time when the key person is away the familiar other is there. No strangers – just safe, familiar faces and friendships to build between children of all ages.

With the children cared for in family groups, you will find that there is no need for unnecessary transitions or stressful changes between age defined rooms. Instead, seamless and consistent care is provided throughout their time with us.

Each family group decides where they want to spend their time anywhere in the building so there is also constant variety and change. Activities are planned within the group and they can go to whichever part of the nursery suits.

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