An effective approach to learning

The characteristics of effective learning is a big part of daily life, when practicing the EYFS and their important role in each child’s development. Today we want to share with you one of the elements of CoEL – playing and exploring and how we at Lighthouse facilitate it using activities to promote and support playing and to explore.

Treasure baskets – a brilliant open-ended resource which can be explored using various senses and has no set way to be used. Lighthouse often tailors our treasure baskets to our children’s interests.

Sensory bottles – We fill these with a variety of things, interesting objects, things that make a noise, we sometimes pierce tiny holes in bottles and then fill with scented things such as half a lemon or lavender.

Investigation Areas – Often filled with a variety of objects based on a theme, season, interest or a totally random collection of objects. We have developed provocation pods to use as additions to learning. All open-ended and ready for the children to explore, engage with, learn from and show a natural curiosity in learning more.

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